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BeyondFM is a group of globally networked consultants who specialize in the intersection of People, Place, Product and Process using leading edge business processes and technologies to improve business performance, reduce operational risk(s) and alleviate facilities and real estate leaders of the change management blues generally associated with establishing competitive workplaces and learning environments.

BeyondFM has effected positive change to Higher Education and Corporate customers alike; consistently demonstrating success by simplifying business decisions, reducing complex Organizational, Operational and Infrastructure issues into thematic aspects, eliminating as much “white noise” as possible, thus ensuring each aspect is correctly aligned with corporate direction.

Since its inception in 2006, BeyondFM has delivered technology and process enabled solutions that have resulted in substantial cost savings and business efficiencies.

Our Philosophy

Each client engagement is seen as collaborative effort and partnership, with the end “product” being a synergistic result. At the end of the engagement both the consultant and the client should walk away with a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Unlike many other management consultancies, BeyondFM realizes that the customer has 90% of the answers and that we are not necessarily expert in you business. We prefer to think that our subject matter expertise, global experience and extremely diverse and broad based business acumen brings our clients greater clarity in their decision-making processes.

Our mission is to help you to do what you do best, better!


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